Consumers Education Online is an online education company dedicated to enhancing consumer awareness with respect to everyday consumer issues. Our team of highly experienced consumer coaches are dedicated to ensuring that no consumer is left behind when it comes to, finance, income, and success.┬áConsumer Education Online’s mission is to provide for Learning and Earning via an innovative Education Platform.


CEO Classes:






Improving Your Credit Score is the first phase of resetting your financial health. Our comprehensive classes will teach you how to improve your FICO score. Often in 30-60 days or less. We will also give you the blueprint for obtaining credit building credit cards. Credit 101 will also put you in a position to obtain other consumer loans such as auto loans.



The second phase of resetting your financial health is learning to manage your income and expenses. We will teach you how to maintain a real-life effective Budget. Once you master this class you will be able to further improve your FICO score.



Once you have effectively improved your FICO score and learned how to manage your finances we will teach you how to purchase a home with very little down.